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“Our mission, to help you appoint the best staff for your vacancy, from executives to middle management and support staff. 

We do this while increasing the appeal of your brand as an employer of choice. "

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"Some of the best experiences I've had with a recruitment or search agency has been through the recruiters.”

International Technology client

Meet our Team

Dedicated, efficient and professional.  we bring a unique attitude when it comes to your staffing or strategic and succession plans:

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specialist and/OR Executive recruiters

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Clients include:

Specialist Recruiters in 


Finance, HR, IT, 


Marketing, Executive and


General Management.

Performance Coaching

We have partnered with several respected coaches and coaching firms to deliver a combination placement and on-board coaching service. Stand alone coaching or career development options are also available. 

Amanda Dreyer

Amanda has been a driving force and one of the original founders of The Recruiters. Whether placing candidates or sharing her experience and energy, Amanda has an extraordinary ability to make things happen and to energise her colleagues! 

Mark Holgate 

As CEO, Mark's strategy is to grow the brand through recruitment best practice while investing in the personal success of the company's staff, agents, clients and candidates alike.

Janine Moodley

Communications Manager Janine Moodley comes with years of solid experience in Digital Solutions, Recruitment and Career Coaching. A dynamic corporate communicator. 

Company Profile

Executive Search

We accept retained or contingency search assignments and provide the same red carpet service as high street search firms while reducing the costs from research to  final appointment. 

Belinda McIntosh

A positive recruiter determined to fill vacant roles for clients and to change the lives of job seeking candidates in her well nurtured network. Belinda is a shining star and an asset to any recruitment project.

Traditional Recruitment 

Our traditional "no placement - no fee" recruitment service is our core business off the platform of our own In-house database with over 20 000 interviewed candidates we've nurtured to reduce time to hire.

Morag Wallace

Morag has shown herself to be the consummate professional time and again with an incredible recruiting formula of speed and accuracy.  Morag is a dynamic executive and middle management recruiter across most industry sectors. 

Cara Styles

Cara has a gift for finding great talent.  With a background in HR and the Call Centre industry Cara finds diamonds in the rough and needles in hay stacks.  A hard working and skilled recruiter who compliments the rest of our team.


Recruiters in

Finance, HR, 

IT, Marketing,


and General 


Roxanne Carim

Roxanne is our marketing and customer service specialist based in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal.  Always shining a friendly face and a friendly voice, Roxanne maintains a positive outlook for candidates and clients needing to hire. 

Micky Ness

Micky also specialises in the technical and operational space and comes with a good understanding of logistics. A diligent recruiter with strong administration skills and attention to detail who likes to go above and beyond for clients. 

Top Talent & Seasoned Management.

Ruarke Kerr

Ruarke has a wealth of recruitment and business experience and the ability to successfully recruit across a range of specialised niches.  Ruarke is a positive and dynamic recruiter clients love representing their brand.

Sade Carim

Sade is a tech savvy sourcer obsessed with providing excellent customer service both within the organisation and to clients as well as candidates.  A well rounded research and sourcer with a bright future.